the invisible girl

"I'm nothing but a thief"

Theresa (Tess) Jaager
27||invisible||fc: brit marling

When you grow up as a foster kid, jumping from house to house, you get used to being invisible and insignificant. For Tess though, it's so much more, she's so much more.
She is the Invisible Girl.

mun fc: saoirse ronan

Just A Thief

I know I’ve literally only been here for a week but thanks to a combination of work (which has no wifi) and family vacation (hello Tennessee) I need to take a three and a half week complete hiatus. It sucks ass and I completely forgot about it when I made this account, but I promise I’ll be back at the end of this time. Any interactions that I have currently going on will be dropped unless you either a) like this post, b) shoot me an ask telling me you would like to continue or c) it’s an interaction that has detail and writing and not just dialogue (this pertains to thexconman and stoicsmoker). I hope to see you all after my little break.

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- — careful about what? See, when y’say stuff like that, it gives me more reason to be suspicious.


"You already were suspicious for whatever reason, it’s too late  to change that, but asking what I was careful about shows how little you actually know about me. I’d say that actually did me more good than harm."

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His eyes remained widened like a child who had watched their first magic trick before the look was replaced with his usual smirk. Neal watched her take out her equipment with a impressed expression on his face. “You know that disappearing act of yours makes you far more worthy of the diamonds than me.” He gave her a smile as he shouldered his own bag. “Be careful with the laser trip wire at the back door.” In truth, he hadn’t been here for the diamonds at all and was more interested in getting what he knew was the most expensive piece in the house. It only made sense to let her think he was bowing out so she wouldn’t follow him.

Tess raised an eyebrow at the other thief before turning her head back towards the glass, focusing on the task at hand. “So you’re gonna give up, just like that? You win, don’t let the door hit you on your way out?” she asked as she carefully lifted the glass. She then proceeded to grab a piece of paper and a small rock from her bag. She placed the note in the container next to diamonds, revealing the word ‘thanks’ in small typed out letters. She then proceeded to place the small rock on the edge of the paper, the word still visible, as she grabbed the sparkling diamonds from their place. “That’s very generous of you.” she said, suspicion lacing her voice.

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     ❝ No, it’s just— ah, forget it! Seems like my
           brain can’t function properly, today. ❞

"We all have our days, it’s understandable."

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"Perhaps. I’m Agent Phil Coulson, with SHIELD."

"What brings you here, Agent Coulson?"

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Neal was rarely at loss for words but this was one of those scarce moments, eyes widening at the sight or rather at what he hadn’t seen briefly. “How did you do that?”

"A magician never reveals their secrets." Tess joked before turning to the case in front of her.  She knew if she were to simply lift the lid an alarm would sound so she shrugged off her backpack and grabbed her glass cutter and a heavy duty suction-cup. She placed the suction-cup on the top of the glass box, locking in place, before she took the cutter to the glass, tracing the edge of the suction-cup. Her eyes flicked up as she finished. "Oh come on, it’s not as fun if you don’t at least try and steal them from me.”



              “Speirs.” He offered his own name to the recruit. Ronald peeled back the cellophane wrapper, holding the pack out at arms length, offering her one. Once taken, he flicked open his zippo, taking a step closer to the other soldier in order to light the Lucky Strike. The Captain then placed a stick of tobacco between his own lips before he continued. “Wasn’t expecting replacements for at least another week.” Not that he was complaining, though it would have been nice if Battalion HQ gave them a heads up every now and again. 

          Tess carefully plucked a cigarette from the container, holding it delicately between her fore and middle fingers. She watched as the Captain’s flame met the stick, giving a nod of thanks before taking a deep drag of the smoke. “I was already on my way out here, headed for the 501st parachute infantry regiment, when they got your request, Captain Speirs. They figured I do more good here than there I guess.” she explained. Tess didn’t care much about the change. She was still doing generally the same job, only with different people.


"My father mostly, I just take on his errands."


"Still, he must pay you something."

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